merkisoft RockBox Video Viewer & Gallery Maker

Use this tool to watch rvf-videos or to create galleries for the Archos Recorder with the open source firmware RockBox.


Download this jar file into any directory and open it there with a double click.

If this doesn't work (which means you don't have a clean jre 1.4 installation) run a shell, go to the dir where the jar is located and start the software with:

java -cp msi-rvf-gallery.jar ch.merkisoft.rockbox.Application

To run the software you need JRE 1.4 (see If you only have 1.2 or 1.3 try it - if it fails download 1.4.

What if...

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Looks like you misstyped the command or you are not in the directory of the jar file.

Source code

For those who wanna make it better or are just interested: msi-rvf-gallery-src.jar (i.e. use winzip).
I'm not very happy about the code - I just hacked it down. So only constructive comments are welcome - the others I know myself... *smile*


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